the biggest website redesign mistake you never want to make

Change-Is-Good_Graphic_2I know this sounds crazy, but we are approached all the time by small business owners to redesign their website … to look just like their current website!

Nothing is more heartbreaking to us than a business owner who doesn’t fully grasp the connection between their online marketing efforts and their profits!

If we redesign your website in WordPress to look just the same as your previous website you will not be successful.

Yes, we absolutely need to stay true to your brand. But if your current website is already producing leads and growing your business the way you need it to … why are you calling us to redesign it?

Exactly. It isn’t producing leads and you know you need to update it to grow your business. After all, your website is the center of your online marketing system!

Keeping the same general look and feel of your current website but moving it into WordPress isn’t going to magically produce customers. A new website needs to be designed around your intended use of the website and your plan for engaging with your targeted customers.

Before you begin a website project, stop to think about what your website needs to do for your business. What will success look like?

Do you want to go from zero leads per month to 5 leads per month? OK. Awesome.

Are you committed to producing content, driving traffic and converting visitors into customers? Do you have a plan for this? Are you ready to integrate email marketing into your website?

If so, move forward with your new website.

If you don’t have a clue about how you are going to use your website, talk to a trusted website designer and ask them for their advice. (Yes, you can email us …) The absolute biggest mistake we see is business owners wanting the exact same website all over again because they do not start the design process with business goals in mind.