think about this before you redesign your website

We can’t stress this enough! Your website can be the most valuable tool in your marketing system IF … 1) it is built properly  2) it is designed to convert visitors into customers and  3) if it is used and updated consistently.

ThinkAboutThisFirst_Graphics_2Your number one business goal should be to have a strong, predictable cash flow. The only way to do this outside of winning the lottery is to have a steady stream of interested leads and a process for converting them into customers.

The most common mistake we observe from our fellow small business owners interested in redesigning their website is a failure to view their website as part of a marketing system. You want a brand new website and expect it to answer all your business woes, but you don’t put a system in place that properly harnesses the power of your website and online marketing.

You must build a marketing system for your business with your website at the center of it all. If you create a marketing system that works, you will always have money in the bank.

Your profitable marketing system includes the following:

  • You build a mobile responsive website and include thoughtful, relevant content that is regularly updated.
  • You drive traffic to your website by promoting your content on social media and by optimizing your content so you are found in search results (ie. through updating your website content and through a helpful, informative blog).
  • You engage and convert your visitors into leads through strategic email marketing.
  • You measure the results of your marketing system and adjust your content and editorial calendar as needed.

That’s it. You need a website, helpful content, email marketing and the knowledge to combine all activities into a system. If you go into a website redesign just wanting a better looking or easier to use website you are not doing justice to your cash flow.

Remember, tomorrow you will wish you had started yesterday. The faster you get started the sooner you will see results. 

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